Unified Communications


Partner Consulting believes users’ needs is the foundation of a successful Unified Communications strategy. Based on information gathering from key personnel and platform records, we establish design criteria defining UC platform specifications, network design and Contact Center requirements. Through a competitive sourcing process, recommendations are made that increase productivity, improve reliability and provide a cost-effective roadmap for growth.

Unified Communications Experience

Partner Consulting can help by:

  • Performing a unified communications needs assessment
  • Designing architecture and developing bid specifications
  • Conducting Contact Center call flow analysis
  • Developing and managing the RFP process
  • Developing and managing a detailed project plan
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Health System Consolidation

  • Developed business case including benefits, risks, costs and savings to insource technicians and other vendor-supplied staff
  • Created 5-year strategy for conversion of enterprise Unified Communications systems including annual capital and operational expenses and reductions

Private University:

  • Create Baseline: Needs analysis, gather departmental requirements, assess current applications, call flow evaluations in preparation for development of Unified Communication Platform and applications
  • Create and manage RFP (Request for Proposal)
  • Qualify providers and industry leaders using industry research
  • Assess peer institution transformation references
  • Create weighted point rating system
  • Select appropriate option with input from stakeholder teams

Operator Services Consolidation

  • Conducted thorough review of five independent operator service teams and performed stakeholder interviews to develop comprehensive analysis of current state including an assessment of organizational structure and responsibilities.
  • Identified operational steps to consolidate groups and implement “Best Practices” through a phased implementation plan
  • Research and evaluate technology platforms to determine best technologies support operational objectives
  • Transformation from five independent service teams to a consolidated operator service contact center with geographical diversity for business continuity. Processes streamlined and consolidated making procedures more efficient and will provide an opportunity to reduce FTE requirements




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