Digital Transformation

Partner Consulting works collaboratively with clients during the design and implementation of digital transformation initiatives to meet strategic, financial and operational objectives. The process involves creating an accurate baseline involving IT/Telecom architecture and Network Services.  Potential solutions are overlaid onto the current environment and a design developed. When implementation begins, legacy services are removed, and Return on Investment objectives validated.  Partner Consulting’s engagement is tailored to individual client requirements.

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Partner Consulting helps businesses, healthcare providers and government agencies develop affordable telework technology plans that strengthen business continuity and provide employee work from home opportunities in accordance with HR policies. Partner accomplishes this by first conducting a Technology Needs Assessment which identifies goals and objectives.  Existing telework practices are documented, and recommendations made. Technical assessment may include corporate Unified Communications platforms, Enterprise Network availability, Wireless Services policies and Broadband availability to home locations.

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Contact Center

Partner Consulting focuses on enhancing the Contact Center customer experience, and operational efficiency by designing the right Contact Center solution for your unique needs.  Our Contact Center experience ranges from Fortune 500 corporate networks to the consolidation of multiple Hospital operator service centers. We recommend a comprehensive design of the appropriate architecture including  telecom carrier selection and network design, contact center technologies including IVR design, ACD routing, digital and social media, disaster recovery, and workforce optimization.

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Telecom Expense Management Services

Partner Consulting focuses on cost reduction, process efficiency and service improvement through extensive and thorough auditing of all telecommunication expenses, bills and contracts. Services include: Enterprise Networks, Local Exchange, Mobility, Legacy Telecom Platforms, Pagers, Wireless devices, Maintenance and License agreements.  The audit report contains a benchmark pricing analysis and recommends service changes and removals. Expense Management policies and procedures are reviewed and recommendations made.

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Unified Communications

Partner Consulting believes users’ needs is the foundation of a successful Unified Communications strategy. Based on information gathering from key personnel and platform records, we establish design criteria defining UC platform specifications, network design and Contact Center requirements. Through a competitive sourcing process, recommendations are made that increase productivity, improve reliability and provide a cost-effective roadmap for growth.

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Staff Augmentation

Partner Consulting has established a network of technology professionals that can support all of your technology initiatives. We can fill a temporary position, staff up for a tough deadline, and provide people who understand your specific technology needs. Our consultants average over 10 years of IT experience including Project Management, Contact Center, Unified Communications and Collaboration technologies.

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