Partner Consulting helps businesses, healthcare providers and government agencies develop affordable telework technology plans that strengthen business continuity and provide employee work from home opportunities in accordance with HR policies. Partner accomplishes this by first conducting a Technology Needs Assessment which identifies goals and objectives.  Existing telework practices are documented, and recommendations made. Technical assessment may include corporate Unified Communications platforms, Enterprise Network availability, Wireless Services policies and Broadband availability to home locations.

Telework Experience

Partner Consulting can help you by:

  • Performing a telework technology needs assessment
  • Designing home office technology specifications
  • Designing VoIP network requirement requirements
  • Developing unified communications options and alternatives
Futuristic conference among businessmen on viartual screen

Statewide Health Care Service Provider:

  • Developed program to allow non-critical staff the ability to work remotely due to weather or other needs on an ad-hoc basis
  • Offered telecommuting pilot on a full-time basis for select group of employees

Engineering Consulting Firm:

  • Provided enhanced business continuity during events that challenged employees physical access to facilities such as weather and illness outbreaks
  • Developed Best Practices for Telework Voice and Data Management

Medical Billing Software Services Company

  • Review teleworker technology deployed across the country and develop best practice recommendations utilizing VOIP, broadband and wireless services

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