Telecom Expense Management: Control Costs without Disrupting Service

Telecom expenses typically rank among the top of all operating expenses, but understanding and decoding telecom expenses and contracts can be like learning ancient Greek.  You can do it, but it probably isn’t the best use of your time.  Partner Consulting has the tools to analyze your telecom expenses and ensure that you are not overspending.


  • As businesses migrate to more cloud based services, their networks will need to be adjusted to accommodate the need for increased bandwidth and connectivity.  Any changes to network services will impact billing. 


  • Many large enterprises are paying for services that are not utilized.  This is especially true in organizations with multiple locations or that have grown through mergers and consolidation.


  • Many enterprises do not have access to competitive market rates, as a result, they are paying more than they have to.


  • It is not uncommon for phone bills to contain billing errors that go unnoticed for years.


Our experts understand communication cost control and can save you money. Most companies pay 15% - 20% percent more than they should. Partner Consulting will help your organization get control over multiple service providers and gain clarity about contracts and invoices.


Partner Consulting can help by:


Conducting comprehensive audit and expense optimization analysis

  • Analyzing all billing, developing an accurate inventory of wireless and wireline services and recommending elimination of redundant or unused services. 


Providing Vendor Sourcing Analysis

  • Benchmarking current prices and contract terms
  • Developing RFI/RFPs to evaluate service and contract alternatives


Providing Ongoing Expense Management

  • Maintaining an accurate inventory database and review monthly bills
  • Resolving errors and pursuing credits with service providers


You’ll save in many ways. You’ll reduce network costs and be able to invest time and effort elsewhere in your business.  Your bills will be accurate and based on competitive market pricing.

Contact us now to discuss how a Partner audit can help reduce your telecom operating expenses.


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