Contact Center: Optimizing the inbound flow of communications for your business

Call centers have come a long way.  Applications such as chat, text messaging and social media have expanded the concept of the call center beyond the phone to include a focus on customer contact preference and proactive engagement rather than reactive response.  Has your contact center kept pace with technology to appeal to your customer’s needs?


  • Do you have the right reporting and analysis tools in place to support your contact center decisions?
  • Are you confident that you have optimized your staff to handle peak activity periods without overstaffing for periods with less activity? 
  • Does your contact center have a plan that will allow you to take calls in the event of a disaster?
  • Does your contact center have a plan to migrate to a customer engagement model? 


We design contact centers that achieve your customer satisfaction objectives.  Partner Consulting can help you develop a technology and customer engagement strategy.  We can also assist in the deployment and on-going management of the solution.   Our expertise allows you to benefit from industry experts who are focused on customer experience and have a proven track record of success.


Partner Consulting can help by benchmarking current contact center operations and developing a roadmap to a multichannel customer engagement center by:


  • Conducting Contact Flow Analysis to identify opportunities to improve customer inbound and outbound contacts and assuring contacts are routed to the best available agent.
  • Reviewing and assessing data collection metrics that measure and monitor customer experience and operational efficiencies.
  • Analyzing staff schedules to assure they align with volume trends.
  • Providing workforce management to assure effective scheduling and adherence.
  • Analyzing statistics of contacts presented, contacts handled, abandoned contacts and work and wrap time per agent to highlight gaps and issues.
  • Managing the transition from customer contact to “customer engagement” which requires streamlining entry points and tailoring communication channels to target audiences.
  • Developing a Technology Plan that addresses cloud architecture, enterprise knowledge databases and multi-channel contact such as IVR, ACD, email, chat, text and social media.
  • Developing a disaster management plan that provides redundant systems, flexible staff deployment and addresses security and compliance mandates.


Partner Consulting will assess your current contact center environment and develop a plan that is both cost effective and optimized for performance.  We manage the project from initial design through implementation to ensure that you meet your customer’s needs.  Let us help you transition your contact center to a customer engagement platform that truly enhances customer experience.


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