The Company

A Connecticut based manufacturing firm with landline expenses of $665,000 per year was about to renegotiate their MPLS data network contract with their existing service provider.


The Challenge

Concern over a significantly less expensive network proposal caused the company to be skeptical of the deal.  Partner Consulting was called in to review the proposal and confirm its validity or identify oversights. 



The Solution

Partner began a two-step process.


  • Telecom Audit. The first step was to create an inventory of all billed services.  With a client Letter of Authorization (LOA), Partner accessed vendor billing portals and then organized the expenses in an understandable format by business locations. Research immediately exposed a major billing error.  The client was being double billed.  Once for the current network.  And once for the old network that it had replaced.  The old network had never been removed from billing.  This answered the question why the renewal contract seemed to be 50% less than current costs.  Partner worked to correct billing and helped obtain a significant credit for the overbilling.



  • Contract Negotiations.  Once the data network billing was corrected through the audit and optimization process, Partner benchmarked contract rates and terms and further improved upon the network renewal pricing. Contracts for local services and long distance were also renegotiated.



In addition to a large credit, Partner helped the client achieve an overall 25% reduction in ongoing expenses with minimal impact on network operations and internal resources.  As a follow-on service, Partner performs a quarterly bill review to ensure that billing discrepancies are addressed before budgets are impacted and credit opportunities expire.


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