The Customer

A large Northeast Healthcare System with many affiliates needed to ensure they were getting competitive pricing before making a large investment in communications technology. 



The Challenge

The client was under a tight deadline to develop a budget in time for approval for the next fiscal year.  In addition to financial uncertainty, there was a concern over which vendors would be qualified to implement this large project that would have a great operational impact on their hospital system. 


The Solution

Partner Consulting quickly developed a RFP (Request for Proposal) that provided a technology migration path from the current Nortel platform to a new, enterprise wide unified communications platform.  This effort included:  a needs assessment, development of requirements and the documentation of current platforms, concerns and issues.  Once the RFP was developed, Partner Consulting managed the effort and assisted with vendor selection and recommendations for the hospital’s budget.  This effort consisted of two major parts:


  • Development of the RFP (Request for Proposal) – A comprehensive RFP was developed to provide vendors the specifications they required to accurately submit their bid.  Partner Consulting developed the framework for the RFP by working with Avaya engineers and the client’s CTO to ensure that the technical design would support the hospital’s IT plan for future requirements which included virtualization of servers, HA (High Availability) and DR (Disaster Recovery) across two data centers. 
  • Management of the bid process - Partner Consulting issued the RFP and managed the bid process.  End to end management of this effort was the key to identifying the most competitive pricing.  Partner Consulting was able to take very complicated pricing structures provided by the bidders, break them down to their simplest elements and to illustrate how they would meet IT requirements.  This process revealed exactly where the pricing differences were which not only simplified the decision making process, it also helped the client with the negotiation of their new system and support contracts. 



In addition to running a smooth, timely and properly scoped RFP process, Partner helped the client select and deploy the right Unified Communications platform and technology both to address their present needs and to accommodate future growth.  This saved the client time, effort and significant investment.  All while giving them the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they were deploying the right Unified Communications solution for their business and customers.



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