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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation has been defined in a broad sense as “the process of creating value, growth and competitive advantage through new digital offerings, business models and business relationships”. From an information technology perspective, the key enabler of the transformation revolves around migration to digital architectures. The business advantages are significant and will greatly impact existing IT communications technology platforms and network services.


Partner Consulting works collaboratively with clients during the design and implementation of digital transformation initiatives to meet strategic, financial and operational objectives. Partner Consulting’s engagement is tailored to individual client requirements and is customized to encompass one or all of the following:



Digital Transformation Planning:


  • Project Objectives and Scope

-     Cloud Based Services

-     Contact Center

-     WAN, Fax Servers

-     IaaS, PaaS, SaaS


  • Baseline Development

-     Platform Inventory

-     Network Audit

-     Utilization Review


  • Contract Review

 -     Maintenance and Support

 -     Termination Liabilities


  • Sourcing

 -     RFI/RFP Development


  • Business Model ROI



Digital Transformation Implementation:


  • Project Planning

-     Digital Transformation Service



  • Timely Removal of Legacy Services and Associated Expenses

-     Legacy Service Billing Termination

-     New Digital Service Bill Validation

-     Contract Rate Adherence


  • Update and Maintain Inventory




Our team of experienced professionals understand the importance of developing a comprehensive plan to successfully complete critical projects on time and on budget.


Contact us to discuss how we can help with your digital transformation initiatives.





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